Picking up a cat home is a happy and lucky thing.

From then on, you have to take care of his diet and daily life, play with him, accompany him throughout his life, and become a qualified shit shovel officer.

People who raise cats for the first time generally don't know what to prepare in advance, so that they are in a hurry.

Regardless of other factors, of course it’s best to be fully prepared.

If you prepare according to the list, you can live within your means, saving money, effort and space.


  1. Cat bed

After the kitten is brought home, he may be unfamiliar with the new environment. You can choose a semi-enclosed cat litter to give him a sense of security. After he is familiar with the environment, he will come out to play

  1. Cat litter box, cat litter

After the cat comes home, familiarize yourself with the smell and location of the litter box. In this way, the cat will not urinate indiscriminately. If you are a very small cat, you can consider buying a relatively small litter box first, and then put the kitten in the cage together with the litter box, and let the cat get familiar with it before letting it out.

  1. Grain bowl, water bowl

You can choose the bowl you like according to the owner's preference, and prepare food and water for the cat. The cat can eat it by itself when he is hungry.

  1. Cat toy or scratching board

Cats will pay attention to moving things and use them for hunting. The shoveler can choose toys suitable for cats, cat sticks, cat balls, etc. according to their wallets. Cats naturally like to sharpen their claws. Cat scratching boards must be bought, otherwise the cats will scratch the furniture at home. If you also like DIY, you can buy hemp rope and tie the legs of chairs and tables with hemp rope. It is a good way.

  1. Cat food, canned food

Choose the more popular brands of canned food and cat food in the market, and give them the best food. This can also reduce the risk of cats and cats getting sick.

The shit shovel officers hurry up and get ready If you have any other questions, please send an email to my mailbox for consultation