What makes our cats so fond of scratching? They like to scratch outdoors, they also scratch indoors, and they scratch on your favorite furniture.

This is instinct

Although they are sometimes smarter than us, cats are still animals. Animals have a certain instinct. Cats do things with their paws, of course, they also like to use them. As the parent of a fabulous cat, this is something you must accept. If you appreciate their natural ability, train your cat to catch things and places you allow.

Scratch to mark their territory

One of the main reasons for instinctive cat scratching is to mark their territory. In the wild, cats use cat scratches to mark on trees and other places, telling other cats, "Hey, my site is in charge." In your home, they are doing the same thing. If they don't have a suitable substitute, the bookcase is their best choice, because it looks like a book. In addition, cat paws contain scents left over, and cats can also use scents to mark their spaces.

This is good for their paws

Cat’s nails are constantly growing, so cats need a way to let old nails fall off naturally and make way for new nails. Scratching helps to wear away the useless parts of the nails and keep the nails healthy. But you have to understand that scratching does not necessarily make the cat's nails dull. In fact, keep them sharp.

They are excited

Cats will also grab things because of excitement. Maybe you just got home from work and they are so excited to see you, or something exciting is happening. For them, scratching expresses their happiness. If they are catching in the right place, this can make everyone happy.

Scratching can stretch the cat and reduce stress

Of course this is cat yoga. Exercise stretches their back and shoulders. Just like humans, physical activity helps calm and relieve stress. After a long day, do you feel the need to stretch the meridians? Your cat friend too!

It is normal for your cat to scratch things and home, they will not stop scratching things for anything. The best way to protect your furniture and your house is to find some suitable scratching boards and scratching toys, and let your cat get used to scratching them.

Here are some tips, from Superpatapet:

  1. Cats seem to like cat scratching rope the most
  2. Cats like simple single posts and delicate cat trees. (The height is preferably above 1 meter)
  3. Cats like all kinds of paper bags and cardboard boxes

Give your cat a correct and reasonable way of catching the cat so that he will not be annoyed. This is the best for everyone. Because when we let them show their wild side, our animals are always the happiest.