There are many toys for dogs. When the owner chooses, it is inevitable to be a little "choice phobia". What toy should I choose for the dog?

In fact, every child likes his own leader. Where does the owner go? Superpatapet recommends several types of toys for comparison. 

  1. Dog ball

All kinds of balls are definitely the dog's favorite, vocal, knotted, and bells, and run away with a light push, and you can play a game of recovery with the owner.

You can also bite and play with it in your mouth. If it is a barking ball, just bite it and bark, and the dog may keep biting.


However, the owner needs to choose a ball size suitable for his dog according to the size of the dog's mouth and body shape. If it is too small, it may be eaten by mistake, and if it is too large, the dog may be uninterested.

  1. Plush toys 

Choose a plush toy for your dog, remember not to choose too long hair, otherwise it will let you know how good its demolition skills are, and the hair will be bald for you.

Dogs can bite the plush toy as "prey" and hug it to sleep. This soft taste makes it very comfortable to bite, but don't buy too much because it is difficult for the dog to lick it.

  1. Chew toys. 

Dogs play with toys, most of them use their mouths to bite, so the taste is very important to them.

So the teething chew toys specially designed for dogs are naturally loved by dogs.

  1. Bone shaped toys.

Dogs who have a special feeling for bones are actually very good to deceive. Even the bones painted on the bottom of the water bowl can attract them. The bone-shaped toys can still deceive some dogs. 

     5.Cat noir stick.

Some dogs have a special love for funny cat sticks. They don't play with their toys, and they have to grab the toys under the cat's mouth.

If your dog is not at all interested in your carefully selected toys, then you might as well buy a cat making stick for him to try. What if there is a cat living in his body? 

Every dog has different preferences. The owner needs to find out what kind of toys it likes!

However, there is one thing that every owner should pay attention to, that is, the cleaning and disinfection of toys! Dogs lick and bite these toys every day, close contact, and hygiene problems must be noticed. 

Many items have a life span, not to mention the toy that has been tortured in the dog's mouth all day long. Before cleaning, you should check the toy to see if it still needs to be cleaned. Many toys can basically be declared "dead" after being bitten by a dog on a key part

Suppose it is a rag doll. When it is bitten by a dog and it breaks its stomach, if you don’t throw it away, the cotton inside may be eaten by the dog. This is not even considered as life-threatening caused by small parts in toys, so when a toy is no longer worth cleaning, throw it away.

Dog toys of three materials: rubber, plastic, and nylon are very common. Although they are easy to clean, they can also cause health risks if they are not handled properly.

Dog toys made of rope and plush also occupy a considerable market share, although it is not recommended that you buy knotted toys for dogs. But the dog toys of these two materials have become the choice of countless dog owners due to their easy cleaning and low price.

Rubber, plastic, nylon

Don't panic, even if you don't know what material is in this dog toy, as long as it is hard and bite resistant, it is likely to contain these three materials. 

The best way to clean this dog toy is to use warm water with soapy water, and then use a toothbrush to clean those corners. If you think it is very dirty, you can also soak it in white vinegar for 15 minutes to enhance its disinfection effect. Of course, the effect of veterinary disinfectant will be better.

Rope, plush

Although the cleaning of these two materials does not have to be so troublesome, it is destined to be more susceptible to bacterial erosion. This is because dog saliva can stay on the rope and plush for a longer time, thereby giving bacteria more living space.

Zipper has checked the information before writing this article. There is a saying that the plush toy can be beaten in the microwave before cleaning. Although it seems reasonable, it is a pity that the zipper still has no money to buy a microwave oven for the dog.

How to do it? The toys of these two materials are not afraid of the sun at all, and the ducks are exposed to the sun after they are washed! Unless there are other plastic accessories on the toy, you don't have to worry at all.

More tips

Regardless of the material of the dog toy, it is best to choose mild cleaning products before cleaning. This is not only good for the dog, but also minimizes the damage to your hands. Also do not use bleaching products for cleaning.

If you want a toy to last longer, in addition to letting it develop the habit of playing with toys on a regular basis, you should also be careful not to leave the toy in a dark, damp place.

It is not impossible to wash dog toys in a washing machine, but it is strongly recommended to put the dog toys in a laundry bag and wash them separately.

Do you have any experience in raising dogs? Do you have any experience cleaning dog toys?

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